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UWCS Linux 101 Talk

Posted on 12th October 2016

The slides and cheat sheet for the UWCS Linux 101 talk.

Welcome To The New Website!

Posted on 30th September 2016

The new website was a long time coming, but it's finally here! A massive thank you to David Richardson, our tech officer, for basically doing all the work himself! Click "read more" for more info...

We have liftoff!

Posted on 25th January 2016

Server migration is complete as of 10:35 UTC today :D
If you have any problems or questions please post in #techteam on

Migration: reloaded

Posted on 19th January 2016

TL;DR we're moving away from codd on the 25th. If you have anything running please move it to in the next two weeks. The domain will be updated accordingly in just over two weeks. The new IRC server is up at

You may remember me writing at the end of last term about us migrating our hosting infrastructure. I said it would be done by the end of term, and you might have gathered by now that we didn't manage to pull that off. Sorry about that.

After dealing with one o...


Posted on 15th November 2015

You might have noticed we've had a bit of down time recently - sorry about that! We're in the process of a complete overhaul of our hosting infrastructure, with a planned completion date of November the 27th. Unfortunately there will have to be a little bit more downtime, but we'll do all we can to keep it to a minimum. Planned outages are as follows:

Tuesday 17th November: approx 1 hour, sometime between 1100 and 1700 UTC
(MySQL only)

Friday 27th November: approx 2 hours, sometime between 1100 and 1700 U...

Shell Talk

Posted on 19th October 2015

Thank you everyone for coming along to the shell talk today! You can find the slides at


Posted on 3rd October 2015

Welcome to Warwick!

This Friday (9th Oct) we will be having our first Friday Gaming of term, along with XING, our programming workshop, in the room next door. It's held in the Department of Computer Science, which is next to Maths. The building requires card access, but for our first event we will station someone next to the door to open it for you, but in future (or if no one is there), you can always knock on the window and someone will let you in! It's 8pm until 8am, you're allowed to bring food and dri...

IRC Guide

Posted on 25th February 2015

We finally have a step-by-step guide on how to join us on IRC! It can be found here:


We encourage all of our members to join our IRC network, as it's a fun, interesting and sometimes very useful (coursework help etc)!

AGM Results 2015

Posted on 28th January 2015

We had our AGM today! It was very long, so thanks to everybody who turned up and voted, and congratulations to our new exec:

Academic president: William Seymour (mcnutty)
Gaming president: Alistair Crook (phillammon)
Tech officer: Rayhaan Jaufeerally (rayhaan)
Secretary: Rhiannon Michelmore (rhiba)
Treasurer: Tom Hoare (MisterMarmite)
Social secretary: Martin Dalzell (robot527)
Publicity officer: Alice Fitzgerald (hermit)

UWCS website IPv6 support

Posted on 7th June 2014

Greetings CompSoc,

As you may have been aware, the 6th of June is world IPv6 day. IPv6 is a new version of the Internet Protocol (IP) specification that was designed to fix the exhaustion of the IPv4 address space. Unfortunately switching from an internet where the majority of service providers, corporations, and users have their equipment already setup to work with IPv4, to one where services can be accessed from both IPv4 and IPv6 networks is not a trivial problem to solve.

IPv6 day is intended to get m...