About the society

If you're a current student at the University of Warwick, consider joining the Computing society, and hanging out in our community!

Established as far back as 1979 (to the best of our knowledge), the Computing Society is one of the biggest and busiest at Warwick! Our exec team helps to organise a whole host of cool activities throughout the year. This page should help to give you an idea of what we do.

Firstly, our affiliations. We are the official British Computing Society student chapter for the University of Warwick, and have close ties to the Department of Computer Science.

Header Academic

Industry and Student Talks

From industry speakers, current members, and our wide alumni network.

Courses and Workshops

Gain real-world skills that aren't taught in a degree.

Programming Competitions

Various competitions such as Google Hash Code, Advent of Code, and our own, internal programming contests.

Revision Sessions

Giving you some extra help for those module class tests, and the trickier Term 3 exams!

Header Gaming

Friday Night Gaming

Our weekly takeover of the Department of Computer Science, to give you a break from your studies. We've got a wide range of games and consoles (from retro to modern), our very own Valve Index VR setup, and we've re-purposed the Linux PCs into gaming machines running Steam and a selection of DRM-Free games. A good place to get to know people on your course! The event usually runs from 8pm until late.

If Friday isn't your thing, feel free to hop on our Discord and organise some online multiplayer games too.

LAN - Like gaming, but bigger

Once per term. Two non-stop days of PC gaming, with events running throughout. A non-zero chance of free pizza. For more information, see this page.

There's an even bigger, week-long celebration after all your exams in term three: Summer LAN!

WASD - Warwick's Awesome Speedruns & Demos

We host the UK's largest student-run charity speedrunning event!

Header Social

Weekly Pub Meal

Fancy joining us for a meal? Every Monday we pick one of the nearby pubs (The Phantom Coach, The Dirty Duck, Varsity), and have a nice time there.

In Week 10, we usually go somewhere a little different to normal for our end of term meal.

Bletchley Park & The National Museum of Computing Trip

Every year, we hold a trip to everyone's favourite enigma-cracking destination, usually towards the end of Term 2. Don't miss out!


Other societies can be pretty cool. Whether out of respect, tradition, or secret hatred, we hold events jointly with other societies. For example, our ongoing war with Tabletop at Laser Quest, or a big Pub Crawl with MineSoc.

One-off Events

Anything from paintballing, to go-karting, to invading The Wave in Coventry. Anything goes!

Header Tech

We offer a wide range of technical services to our members, and have a dedicated tech team. Here's some of the things we do:

  • Firstly, we offer website and database hosting for all our members. Just sign in on this website, head to your profile, and request an account!
  • We also offer hosting for various Warwick societies and sports clubs, including the Minecraft society game servers.
  • We have a server cluster located in the Department of Computer Science, which we are constantly in the process of maintaining and improving.
  • Want something 3D printed? As long as you're a member, that's free too.

Header Inclusivity

We believe that inclusivity is extremely important in the field of Computer Science. We have always taken the topic seriously, but in 2019 took steps to introduce a dedicated Women's Officer, later renamed to Gender Inclusivity Officer in 2022.

They're responsible for organising events aimed at those under-represented in the field of computer science, and that they will hopefully feel more comfortable attending alongside the regular events.

Technical or not, if you’re interested in what we do, we’d love to see you at our events.

Our Sponsors

We'd like to thank our sponsors for the current academic year. They can be found here.

Our current constitution can be found here.